Sales Training and Team Building at a Horse Ranch

Many would wonder if it is necessary to hold a sales training and team building at a Horse Ranch. With the significance of both exercises to the success of a business, involving this beautiful animal might seem out of place at first. For those who have taken the bold step, here are some benefits which they derived from the exercise:

1. Learn To Be Yourself: One of the lessons learned from utilizing horses as either a teaching partner or a live metaphor is the ability to tap into your inner self. This would help you in the discovery of a bold version of yourself. For a sales staff, this is an essential skill required in an industry that requires meeting people for the first time and having to break the ice. It affords you the opportunity to change from within since it is more of an experience.

2. Experience A Happy And Powerful Feeling: Horses realize that they have a service to offer and that makes them feel powerful and happy. This trait is transmitted to participants as they come to accept the fact that the product or service which they offer should give them the same feeling. The awareness that the clients of your business have a need for your products brings happiness since you are of value to a fellow human. This would make you feel a sense of personal power and happiness.

3. Prospect Attraction: It is the grace and carriage of horses that have people attracted to them and wanting to ride them. This is not lost on participants. It becomes obvious that you have to have a good carriage which all boils down to your authenticity. There are no pretenses by a horse. It does not force itself on people to be liked. By being authentic and genuine, you do not need to force a sale because prospects would naturally be attracted to you.

4. Leadership Lessons: To build a good team requires good leadership. Through the use of customized games, you learn some leadership lessons in a fun way. You learn to overcome the fear of rejection. Horses are incredible teachers who do not pass the message through the traditional concepts of marketing. Working with the horses would surely teach you how to lead your team in order to achieve impactful results.

5. Take Action: There is no need to procrastinate. One of the things you would learn is how to take action immediately. This helps in the growth of your business especially if you want to take it to the next level.  Here is some more help with that if you can’t make it to a dude ranch.

When you hold your sales training and team building at a horse ranch, you do not require to wait for weeks in order to see results. Right at the horse ranch is where you witness the breakthrough.

Pick a Dude Ranch for the Next Corporate Retreat

Planning your next corporate getaway? Don’t overlook the dude ranch as an opportunity to knit your team more closely together outside of the traditional business environment.

Benefits of a Dude Ranch Corporate Retreat

At a ranch, people get to observe and interact with their co-workers in an entirely different setting. They gain new insights about how others respond to various situations, which can foster empathy and a natural desire to serve and work together.

The dude ranch experience can seem more like a vacation than the traditional corporate retreat. More like an added benefit than a required event. Getting away from the city environment and the hive-like, office can work wonders in an employee’s outlook toward the job.

Planning for a Dude Ranch Corporate Retreat

Just be aware that a successful Dude Ranch experience will require more planning than other venues. For one thing, you should start early, ideally a year in advance of the event. This gives the facility itself plenty of time to set up for the unique needs of your group. In addition, it lets you take advantage of the best rates associated with early commitment.

To the extent possible, you should know your group in order to match their skills, background, and inclinations to the ranch. That’s because dude ranches vary greatly, not only in terms of geography but also in style and modernity (or lack thereof). They range all the way from extreme rustic to luxurious on the other end of the scale.

Check the Amenities

Either way, most are equipped with modern technology like internet connectivity and audio-visual equipment for efficient meetings. But it’s obviously something you’ll want to double-check.

A venue well out in the country is preferred to eliminate any temptation people might have to skip a meeting. Probably more important is the need to make a clean break with the concrete jungle “get back to the land.” The psychological benefits of the laid-back attitudes, the beautiful scenery and the home-cooked meals can work wonders on worker productivity.

Plenty to Do

Dude ranches offer a great variety of activities and keep in mind, they are not all the same. The tremendous variety is another reason for start planning early in order to pick a facility that best matches your team.

For example, activities can range from nature tours, rope courses and practice, cookouts, and singing and dancing around a campfire. One ranch features a treasure hunt event requiring teams to use GPS and maps to locate “caches” which can be hidden anywhere on the 1,000-acre property.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a ranch without a horse. Equestrian activities can range from leisurely rides to more aggressive participation in a cattle drive, or herding activity, depending on the ranch. But more and more ranches are gravitating toward the former due to liability issues.

That requires additional planning and is a key factor in your choice of venue. How much experience, if any, do your people have with horses?

So don’t just pick the nearest location. To the extent possible match the venue to your team’s experience and personality. Don’t pick the nearest location, but by all means, pick a location. Your employees will love you for treating them to a dude ranch corporate get-away.